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The great strength of Ulysses Underground is the stories of all these antislavery people. ...  They represented America at its best.

The work sets a very high standard.  Such detail from painstaking research makes this book a worthy addition to readers' Civil War libraries.  It is highly recommended.

Larry Clowers, Gettysburg, PA
 Civil War News -- Sept. 2015 Book Review


Ulysses Underground is a model of how diligent research into local history can illuminate larger issues.

Dr. Brooks D. Simpson, Arizona State University


[Ulysses Underground] is a very readable and detailed work with incredibly gifted research skills.

Howard Strouse, Civil War Educator, AZ & OH


The author has accumulated a rare body of knowledge about the people, the relationships, the places, and the events of about a half-century preceding the Civil War.

Corum is an engaging writer, and has managed to breathe some life into many of these long-dead and very serious persons.

G.L. Corum is a passionate historian and a better-than-somewhat writer. There is also an intelligent mind at work ... excellent scholarship and research into that period of time in that particular section of the country, on a subject of considerable and worthy interest.  A fine and laudable effort!

Feather Schwartz Foster, Presidential Historian


I like lots of things about this book. First of all, I'm learning a lot. I think I have a much deeper appreciation of the events here in the 1830s because Ulysses Underground provides so much more context. The other thing that stands out is a sense of curiosity that I've developed about the family connections of some of our local pioneers. As much as we talk about Ebenezer Zane around here I've never heard or read anything about his parents until I read Corum's book.

Jim Geyer, Director of Museums
Pioneer & Historical Society of Muskingum County


Ulysses Underground makes things come together, and is like cement filling in the bricks of my knowledge. What I already knew now makes more sense.

Dewey Scott, Docent, John Parker House, Ripley, OH


Ulysses Underground is a compelling look at a landscape filled with intrigue, political and moral conflict, and those bigger  -than-life characters that helped mold the man who saved a nation. 

Lee Schweickart, US Grant Assoc., Georgetown, OH


One of the often repeated myths was that there was nothing new to learn or little information about Grant’s formative years growing up in southwest Ohio. ... Author G.L. Corum through painstaking research has destroyed the myth that there is a lack of information.

 Greg Roberts, U. S. Grant Birthplace, Point Pleasant, OH


VERY interesting but not a quick read. ... Listening to the speech Bernie Sanders gave to Liberty University, it occurs to me that he should be appealing to their faith through the history of the amazing Christians in Ulysses Underground.   ... Sanders should be telling them that that is what Christianity looks like.  ... I regret not knowing this info when I was a U. S. History teacher.

  Joann Landon, Teacher, Eugene, OR


The book is just so well done ... so well researched and Corum's command of the English language and style are outstanding!

Vonda Kelly, President
Bloomington Historical Society, MN


No one else has delved into the aspects of Grant's background which  G. L. Corum has researched, making the book an important scholarly work.

Nancy Purdy, Bailey House B&B, US Grant Boyhood Home, Georgetown, Ohio


Corum presents a background that very few Grant aficionados know anything about, and writes an enjoyable and educational account of hitherto unknown early Grant history.                             

 Keith Cross, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada


Sometimes in stark detail, Corum explains the early manifestations of the divisions which still afflict the United States regarding race.  Corum’s work particularly focuses attention on some of those brave individuals who risked property and life in secrecy to help free enslaved individuals.  It is important that these people be remembered since their work helped ultimately to end slavery legally.  Ulysses Underground does this.

RGH, Birmingham, AL


This is wonderful! The genealogy is correct and it highlights the building of Maysville. I have always felt that slavery was a big issue here. G. L. Corum explained it!                              

Edith Ryan, Mason County Genealogical Society, KY


Ulysses Underground is the most enjoyable contemporary book I have ever read about Grant.

Rena Goff, presidentusgrant.com


I definitely came away with a new understanding of Grant.  I think I had been exposed to him through that Southern bias so that I just thought of him as drunk and ineffectual once he was not commanding an army. … I appreciate thinking of him in a different way.  Now I want to read his memoirs.

I. Navarette, Retired, Manor, TX

Very good book; it’s very, very meaty.

John Gearin, Attorney, WI

I didn’t think anyone could find anything new to say about U. S. Grant, but Corum does.  Thoroughly enjoyable!                                                                  

N. Winkler, Librarian, Newark, OH


Ulysses Underground - The Unexplored Roots of U.S. Grant and the Underground Railroad is partly the story of some amazing detective work by the author, but this is part of the story of OHIO, part of the story of the USA, and very much the story of another facet of our national commitment to "Liberty and justice for all".

C. David Morgan, Canton, OH


Corum creates a jigsaw puzzle  – the more you read, the more pieces of the puzzle you see and the more interesting the picture becomes. Very interesting.

Sharon Summer, Author, Wimberly, TX


Fascinating and enlightening view of American history. 

  James G. McDonald, III, Dexter, ME  


The writing is excellent.  … Crisp and intriguing -- it immediately makes you want to read on.  

Suzanne Harper, New York City, NY 


This book about US Grant is very interesting and has many interesting stories about several families in Brown, Adams and Clermont counties. This is written like a mystery novel but is real history. The book will help you see things in history that you never hear of in history class.

Mike McQueary, Georgetown, OH


Readers in Kentucky and Ohio will be surprised to learn that our local communities possessed more courage than we ever dreamed. It’s taken us 150 years to find the truth; Corum gives us that gift now. 

Deborah Rieselman, Editor of University of Cincinnati Magazine


What I liked best about the book was the sense of being a detective, of finding clues to solve a mystery… how history is discovered by exploration and tracking down leads – like Sherlock Holmes or CSI!  What a huge amount of research ....                                                                   

Anne Reynolds, Austin, TX


It is so good to read the nearly-forgotten story of Christian men and women of faith, conviction, and courage who led the way in the abolition of slavery in the United States.    

 The Reverend Robert League, Cherry Fork Presbyterian Church, O.


Ulysses S Grant's underground life is underground no longer. G. L. Corum's new book, Ulysses Underground, uncovers bits of evidence from various sources, some completely obscure, to come up with the only possible conclusion: Ulysses was part of the secret freedom network ... .

Direct descendant of Wm. Williamson, and a distant cousin of USG
Jeff Williamson, Rosemount, MN


Superior work.  Very readable.   … Corum has done a marvelous job of recording Grant’s youth interwoven with the history of the Underground Railroad in this eminently readable book.         

Jim Mayor, South Albany, VT


Ulysses Underground does more in a "think along with me" presentation style by the author of the many times and places that Ulysses S. Grant experienced slavery and encountered the people seeking to eliminate it who were wrestling with the national dilemma of whether Christianity and democracy were compatible with slavery.

Larry Granger and Vonda Kelly
Bloomington Historical Society, MN