ULYSSES UNDERGROUND was released locally in May 2015 and sold only in southern Ohio at historical sites connected with the history. (Also, the author spoke -and sold books- to groups in CA, MN and NY, before revising the book.)

BEWARE: a used copy is likely a proof or one of the early release, unrevised edition. To be sure you are getting the most recent edition, make sure the author’s name on the spine is in line with the title (not perpendicular). See photo below. Then look inside the book at the very last page. If the date is December 2015 or later you have the Revised Edition.

Ulysses Underground book

If you bought the early edition and wish for the newest version, at speaking events, the author will accept the earlier version as a trade-in reducing the price of a new, revised copy.



In the INDEX:

Athens, Ohio, 268.

Kendall, Amos, 117.

Newton, John, 60.


In Acknowledgements:

The work of Henry Burke, Connie Whitener Perdreau (Education Abroad Director Emerita, Ohio University) and Michel Perdreau on the Templeton brothers gave me encouragement in the earliest days of my research. I might not have continued, if I had not been able to build upon their research.  The Perdreau papers are now held at the Multicultural Geneaological Center in Chesterhill, Ohio.